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Alison Crandall

De Nova had the pleasure of sitting down with the beautiful Mrs. Minnesota America 2018, @alisoncrandallstyle to get to know the #WomanBehindTheRobe.

“I'm a dreamer who's aspiring to live a bold and joyful life. My husband and littles make my world go round and being a mother and wife is definitely the "title" I am most proud to carry. Along with the many responsibilities of being a modern stay-at-home mom, I wear several other hats as well! I am the current Mrs. MN America 2018 and have a couple side-businesses I run from home. I believe all women, in all stages of life, deserve to feel beautiful, empowered and loved! In order for me to feel these things, I like to “indulge” in self-care on a regular basis. I’m a huge advocate of “filling your cup” so that we, as women, can continue to be the trailblazers and legacy makers that we are!

De Nova wanted to ask @alisoncrandallstyle how she balances it all when it comes to her duties as Mrs. MN America 2018, being a mother, wife and entrepreneur. "When thinking of advice I could give to other women when it comes to balancing it all is this: there is no such thing as complete balance (in my opinion). My advice is to embrace the chaos. By investing in self-care and special moments for yourself, you are much better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you on any particular day. Quit waiting for life to be perfect or for “tomorrow”. By being present in the here and now, we are most definitely able to live our best lives and create a legacy that lives on beyond us."

Mrs. MN America and super mom, Allison Crandall, shared with us her thoughts on De Nova. "Wearing the De Nova robe is an experience. The quote that comes to mind is “don’t ever doubt your worth”. As a busy wife, mom, and entrepreneur, it’s nice to have a beautifully crafted robe to slip into right away in the morning and right when I get home for the all ties into self-care and I definitely feel beautiful, comfortable in my own skin, and polished when I’m wearing De Nova designs."

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