Story of The Robe

While on maternity leave with my first daughter, I lived in my robe.  Even though the robe I wore made me felt unkempt, it was too comfortable and convenient to give up.  I also struggled with post-partum depression, and loss of identity so my robe became a feeling of comfort to me during that time.

After having my second daughter, I wanted to get ahead of the post-partum blues, so I gave myself a project.  While my daughter slept (I lucked out the second time with a good sleeper!), I utilized my background in fashion design and began making patterns and sewed a new robe design.  My mission was to create something that was ultra-comfortable, flattering, easy to care for, with the intention of making me feel put together (even if I decided not to get dressed all day).

The design I came up with was a full-length robe that felt like I was wearing a blanket.  It was more fitted at the waist than a typical robe, which made me feel polished without sacrificing comfort.  The material was machine washable, and the floral design I chose easily hid any spit up messes during nursing.  It was exactly what I needed.

After receiving requests from family and friends to make a robe for them, I realized that more women than just me could benefit from this design.  

De Nova was born.

De Nova robes were created not only to be a wonderful product for women to live in but also as a reminder that whatever challenges you are going through, you deserve to put yourself first.  

I hope you love the robe as much as I do and it empowers you to live a life you love, and if not, it's time to create a new beginning.



xo, Marissa