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Ana Haqq

Introducing Ana from Primp and Prime blog, our next behind the robe feature. She is a mom to two busy toddlers and juggles many hats on the reg. 

Her full-time hussle is a marketing manager for local construction company- Elysian Construction. On the side she blogs as her creative outlet and has collaborated with many local brands on exciting projects. A year ago she launched with a friend as a local platform to connect creative moms, something she felt she needed in her life. 

Her husband travels a lot for work, so she is often over her head managing work, her girls and taking time for herself. Life is chaotic at times but she would not trade it for the world.

“I have always dreamed of being a mom, but when I had my first daughter I felt really isolated. I felt embarrassed to admit it because having a child is so amazing but your life suddenly changes in so many ways. There were many times that first few months, I just felt alone. I came to the realization that I really did not have many friends that had children and it was very hard to find ways to meet like-minded moms. Luckily, though a coworker I started to learn about local mom groups and organizations, which really helped me feel more confident as a mom.

Because of this struggle, I was inspired to launch as a platform to connect and support local creative moms. Through events and social, we have built a community and want to support moms in all they do.

Motherhood can be hard and really, there is not a handbook of how to navigate as a mom. I just encourage all new moms to not hesitate to ask for help and know that you are not alone. There are many groups, online platforms and places that as a mom you can find support (Including Learn to let go and know that parenting isn’t perfect.” Thank you so much for sharing Ana, we can relate to this all too well. Nothing can prepare you for the journey of motherhood, and it’s your support system that helps get you through!! Our challenge to you- reach out to a friend who may be a new mom and let them know you are thinking of them, and here for their support. It will mean more than you know.

Ana Haqq on self-care:

“After becoming a mom, I realized that self-care has to be more intentional. It is easy to be focused on your kids, pulled 12 different ways and forget about yourself. These days my self-care is very simple but built into my daily routine. I love a good facemask, and often put one on while I am giving the girls a bath. I also indulge in good skin creams and vitamin C face spray has been my easy go-to product. I also take 15 minutes after the girls go to bed to plan the next day. I lay out my clothes, clean up, and get everything packed etc. I realized that the more prepared I am, the better my day goes.”

A good self-care routine not only sets your mind-set up for success, but also sets the tone for your week. A perfect reminder as we reset for the week ahead. 

The robe and eyemask have become a part of my every day.  I am obsessed with how soft the robe is, practical (so easy to wash) and how that it has pockets.  It is also flattering- it is funny how something so simple can affect how you feel.  I cannot wait to order another one.

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