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Ashlee Assadi

This is Ashlee Assadi — our next Woman Behind the Robe feature. She is a wife, momma of 2 girls, and the Founder of Santosha Co (a sustainable foraged skincare line in Northern WI). She has been in the beauty industry for over 15 years doing everything from hair and makeup to skincare, runway, running spas, and editorial work. We had the pleasure of meeting Ashlee at @Minnemammameetup event, and fell in love with her and her company’s mission.

When we asked Ashlee what she wants to be known for she said, “Encouraging and inspiring other mommas to follow their dreams.” In her words, “You don’t have to sacrifice your dreams to be a mom, and you certainly don’t have to sacrifice your children’s wellbeing to pursue your dreams. I launched my business with a 3-week-old newborn and a toddler with my brilliant brother, Luke Schulz. I did not sacrifice family or my dream, but we certainly have made plenty of sacrifices of comfort and image along the way.

"To all you moms out there, the world is your oyster. I believe in you if no one else does. Boldly forward, mommas!”

Ashlee Assadi gets real and shares her personal story and inspiration for starting her organic skin care line, Santosha Co.

“One of the main reasons I wanted to create an organic, chemical-free, non-toxic skincare line is because I struggled with infertility for years. After a horrific night in the ER where I experienced my first miscarriage, I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). After learning, I had a hormonal imbalance I started working tirelessly so I could get pregnant.

During this time, I also learned about the hormone disrupting ingredients in most mainstream beauty products. Needless to say I did a complete lifestyle overhaul and meticulously studied ingredient lists. I was certain that we could do better.
After making this huge lifestyle change, I ended up getting pregnant shortly after. I was fortunate to have a successful pregnancy and delivered a miracle baby girl- with dark, curly hair and bright eyes. She still lights up a room whenever she walks into it.” - Ashlee

Thanks for sharing this personal experience, Ashlee. The journey to motherhood is never easy, and hearing what other women have gone through, helps others to know they aren’t alone. In addition, if you have not checked out her skin care line, you are missing out! It’s amazing what changing a couple things in your routine can do for your overall well-being.

As a busy wife, mom and entrepreneur we asked Ashlee how she achieves work/life balance.

“I’ve thought about this a lot and realized that I don't believe in work/life balance. I believe in work/life integration. I find myself integrating what I am learning about being an entrepreneur and teaching my girls how to be brave, take risks in a world that is scary, face criticism and chase their dreams. I believe actions speak louder than words and even if my words fail, they can see me living this out every day. I often find myself working during nap times, late into the night, and early in the morning before anyone wakes up. The grind isn't easy or glamorous but I've found that if I want to train my children how to work hard and run after what's in their hearts, it's more effective for them to watch it be done than to tell them to do it.
- Ashlee Assadi

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