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Cait Courneya

cait courneya behind the remove de nova

This is Cait. Also known as @CaitCourneya. She is an uber talented artist & product designer, and one of the sweetest, most humble women we have had the pleasure of meeting. 

We spent the afternoon with her, her handsome hubby Chris, and star of the show, Stella for our next behind the robe feature. When asked about her motivation for her business she shared a bit about why she loves to create. 

“While I am always so encouraged by my clients and their support for my business, I want to use my business as means to encourage others to find balance and rest in their lives. Maybe my artwork brings a sense of calm to their home, or that neck scarf makes them feel confident and beautiful throughout the day. I personally strive to live a life that is filled with purpose, and hope that I can encourage others to do so as well.” – Cait

We learned how she manages juggling a business, being a wife, an active member of her church and still finding time to prioritize herself.

“Balance and rest have always been really important to me. My faith is the number one thing in my life, and time spent growing my faith is a large part of how I feed my soul and stay fresh. I also prioritize time with my husband. We both have stressful jobs, and have many commitments outside of our jobs. We prioritize time each week to connect and rest together. I also make sure that I am regularly scheduling hair appointments and eat well. These things all create balance in my life and enable me to pour into my friends and family, all while still having a full schedule.” – Cait

Cait never planned to be a business owner, but based on desperation after moving home from Los Angeles and having a job fall through, she needed to figure out her next move. She started out as a freelance fashion illustrator while working part time at other jobs to fill the void. This soon morphed into doing a broader range of freelance work and later, product design. Fast forward to present time, she now has a growing illustration and design business that has become her full time focus.

Cait shared with us about her experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.

cait courneya de nova robes“I have had some amazing opportunities along the way, and have learned how to take risks, create vision, and can now say that I CHOOSE to do this for a living. I have been given the rare opportunity to create something that is under my own vision. I do not take that for granted. I am still growing and learning every day, but am now in a place where I can encourage others in their own ventures. The most rewarding thing about what I do is to see how it encourages others to step into their own callings and love their life to the fullest capacity.”

Something that I have learned in the last couple of years is the importance of patience and contentment. Setting goals is important, but achieving them takes time. I think it is important to enjoy where you are in life, and hold it loosely in your hand, so that when change and growth comes you can go with it. Your life is not the same as anyone else’s. Enjoy the life you have been given. It is all yours and you have an important story to tell. By wishing for something else you are cheating others out of hearing your story.” - Cait .

Thanks for letting us in and sharing your story with us, Cait! It is a great reminder that our paths are not always clear, and that we need to embrace the twists and turns as things sometimes turn out better than imagined. 





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