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Sara Goldfine


De Nova sat down with local entrepreneur Sara Goldfine for our #WomanBehindTheRobe Series to ask what she does in her routine for self-care. "The best form of self-care for me is working out. It allows me to get lost in my self-care, clear my thoughts, plan my day and motivate me to be healthy and balanced."

We loved spending time getting to know Sara and how she started @goldfinejewelry . “When I was a little girl, I obsessed over the idea of becoming an innovator in the fashion world.  I've always been interested in the mechanics behind the functionality of an object. When I started designing jewelry, I wanted to figure out a way to create pieces that could be worn beyond the obvious. I would start the design process with a lot of trial and error until I was able to create a piece that could transition from one design to multiple other designs.

In 2006 I created my first multifunctional signature piece, The Paisley Necklace, which could be worn in over 20 different ways.  The next signature piece I designed was The Spy Necklace which can transition from a long necklace to a short necklace, glitzy to casual, all in a matter of movements.

By 2007, I had created a following of customers who yearned for the next multifunctional piece of jewelry to add to their collection.  This drive inspired me to continue on my journey as an artist, designer, and innovator. There have been ups and downs, but the support from the people who believe in me and my designs has kept me inspired to continue to grow.”

We asked Sara what important lessons she’s learned in life and business.

“Let your failures be part of the learning process and don't let your mistakes take up too much of your time.

Time is precious and there are opportunities to grow around every corner. Also, give yourself time to breathe and time to restore. Most importantly, let the people you love in your life be more important than the goals you strive for because time is precious and you'll never get those moments back.”

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