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Wynne Reece

We are over the moon excited to share with you our next Behind the Robe feature, Wynne Catherine.

We first connected with Wynne when launching De Nova and needed some legal advice on building the foundations of a small business. She came highly recommended, and I loved that she focused on small, creative businesses. When we met her, it was obvious that she was more than just a kick ass lawyer, and we wanted to know more!

It is hard to summarize everything that Wynne does, but to mention a few highlights- In less than 4 years, Wynne started two successful businesses and at just 30 years old, she successfully sold one of them to devote her energy to a legal niche, The Creative's Counsel®. She also donates several hours to pro bono work, partakes in philanthropic ventures in her community, a Professor at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, and a serial entrepreneur with many exciting projects on the horizon. On top of all these things, she is a devoted wife and mother to her two Golden Doodles, and her sweet baby boy, Teddy.

When thinking of legacy, her love of adventure, life, kindness to all, compassion, gratitude come to the forefront. Life is always a work in progress, but she strives to excel in these arenas. 

We asked how she takes time for herself while balancing so many roles.
“In a dream world, I would have time (and the energy) for an hour workout every day, make clean food that still allows me to feel as though I am indulging, get a massage every 3 weeks, find 2 days a month that I can just read a good book that allows my mind to escape, find reason to laugh at least once a day, and embark on some adventure once a quarter!”

Wynne also added this great piece of advice:
“It’s important to give yourself grace! My goodness is this a lesson that I have to learn, time and again - we are human, and our capacity is limited, and it doesn't make you weak to acknowledge this, rather I believe it makes one so incredibly strong.”

“When I put on the De Nova robe, I feel like myself again! I know how silly that sounds, being a robe and all, but it gave my body a shape that I could accept in this post-partum life stage, while being light and perfectly wearable. “

Rarely people talk about the changes to your mind, heart and body after giving birth. The fourth trimester, and post-partum phase is a time where the core of who you are has been redefined and restructured. And you love it more than you could possibly imagine. You would never go back, even if you could. But it’s a time where you have to fall in love and get to know the new version of yourself.

Women experience this stage differently, however, a common theme is not recognizing your body, and the desire for wanting to bounce back to pre-baby you. Give yourself grace momma! And for that in-between stage we want to offer you the new at home mom uniform, something other than your yoga pants and a t-shirt. Because when you feel together, regardless of what is going on around you that my darling is where the magic happens. 



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