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Lindsey Higgins

Lindsey Higgins is the founder of By Niche, global marketing agency based out of MN + NY.  We have had the honor of working with Lindsey and the By Niche team in the launch of our brand, and have been so in awe of what she has built.

Lindsey was one of the first people I shared my dream of launching a company back in 2015, so it seemed only fitting to have her as our first women behind the robe series.

We sat down with her at the beautiful Le Meridien Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis and asked her a few questions about how she has overcome challenges in starting a business herself.

"4 years ago I was 27 and newly single after a long-term relationship, a grad school educated already-retired Mental Heath Therapist in career transition.  I was working 70 hours a week at minimum wage while I studied, sought mentorship and wrote a business plan for a dream I envisioned of a uniquely empathetic and intuitive marketing agency that harnessed advances in the digital spaces for authentic brand growth.  

There were many times I questioned myself in leaving a comfortable profession that I'd spent 8 years of schooling and licensure hours reaching.  But I followed the passion & these ideas that were bursting at the seams within me.  Despite being in somewhat of a fragile state emotionally and financially at times, I believed in myself and my supportive community.  I launched the business @byniche that moved me to New York and now we are building aname for ourselves in the luxury space- food, hospitality & fashion.  We have a really special team and we've been able to be a part of some really cool things both in MPLS, NYC and internationally.  It doesn't feel real sometimes!  I have to remind myself to pause and appreciate the place I'm at now, and to remember the journey that got me here.  My story is still just a work in progress but things are looking pretty sweet and I know there's a bright future ahead."

Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us, Lindsey.  We truly admire you as a friend and partner, and have no doubt the future is bright for you and the @byniche team.  You've helped bring my dream to life, and for that I am so grateful!







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  • Saeteesh

    I met Lindsey about 3 years ago at a Fashion Event in Minneapolis. Turned out to be a new friend and am enjoying watching her blossom as her future evolves and grows. Best Wishes Always.

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